Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Gun try outs

I recently shot a smith and Wesson five shot .38 special snub nosed revolver. The gun I shot looked a whole lot like this or this. It had no external hammer and no rear sights. This was one of the models that I wanted to look at for conceal and carry. I shot amazingly bad with this type of gun.

It was nearly impossible to aim with it, and it did not fell like I was able to get off a decent second shot with this model of gun. Whenever I shot the gun, it would end up shifting in my hand. It would twist to the right, not matter what I did to keep it from moving. While this gun has its advantages, it is not a whole lot of fun to shoot, and it is a little tricky to aim correctly. I might consider this type of gun when I become a better marksmen, but right not I would not feel confident carrying around such a weapon.

I want to shoot one final gun and then I will compose my final list and post it. I am close to making a decision.



Les Jones said...

I carry a 642, which is the aluminum-framed equivalent. It's a great carry gun, but I wouldn't recommend it as a first gun or as a person's only gun. Good gun, though. Most people wind up with a snub-nose .38 sooner or later because they're so amazingly useful for concealed carry.

Cubicle said...

Yea I can see it being very usefull in certian conditions. I just do not want to learn how to shoot with one. Though i looks like it would be able to take quite a good bit of abuse.

How hard is it to clean (do you have to expose the inner workings)?

Les Jones said...

Easy to clean. I may take the sideplates off of my revolvers to hose them down with Breakfree CLP once every year, and that's it. Otherwise it's just a matter of cleaning the barrel and chambers with a brush.

Cubicle said...

thanks for the infor