Sunday, February 06, 2005

Cultural war

It has been said that we are fighting for the hearts and minds of the Muslim word. I do not necessarily believe that. I am not saying there is not a culture war afoot, because there is. I feel we do not want to own their minds any more than we want to own their land.

On Friday night Michael Savage went on his "lets blow them all up rant"....Again. Weather he would admit it or not, he was advocating killing millions of people. While it might come to that point, i do not think we are there yet and i hope that we never get that desperate. Since we are not going to remove our problem, we are stuck with trying to change the actions of the Muslim\rouge countries and trying to convince the people of these countries to like us, while their leaders or personalized news services are giving them the exact opposite information. I personally do not care if they like us or not, as long as they do not dislike us enough to blow themselves up at my door step.

I want to address the issue of trying to make people not dislike us. We can free them, but just because we free them from an evil tyrant, does not mean that they will like us or will do what we say. We have to be realistic in our evaluation of the people that we are freeing. They are stubborn enough to want to kill Jews for centuries and centuries, always failing, and never giving up.

The also have do not have a culture of freedom with strong personal rights. We can give them of the legal structures that we have in America and i think many of them will be adopted readily because they are fair and just. But will the legal structures last? Or will they tear them down because they start to look like use and they, as a cultural, decided that they do not like what they see in the mirror.

I do not really think we should set out an picture of what we want these newly freed people to believe. I would prefer to give them the pure information and let them make up their mind. The simple and direct methods of getting our message across to a very large amount of people are easy to counter. For example, the radio waves that we are sending into Cuba are just being blocked by other radio waves. I have heard ideas which promote opening libraries, which would allow our point of view to be expressed easier. The problem with that is that, libraries can be barred or burned, and only so many people can get into a building. I thinks these ideas are not effective enough to allow large amounts of information to get into the hands of a large amount of people.

Instead of waging an cultural war we need to wage an information war. Not with our state news sources pumping our more news, but with state agencies putting news from private sources in the hands of the people who get no news (it does not have to be news, it can be movies or anything else that people from another country will watch). On idea would be to burn a few hours of CNN onto a DVDs and then air drop it over Syria. Or we could just run a few illegal outlets that burn the news DVDs and sell these in the black DVD market. Maybe we could provide internet tunnels for people who want access to the entire internet using their own computer from countries where that information is restricted.

I know these ideas suck, but i also know the old methods suck harder.


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