Thursday, February 24, 2005

You are dammed if you do and dammed if you don't

Gun Watch: ""A Wyandanch man fatally shot a 20-year-old man who tried to enter his home through a window early yesterday, police said.....The alleged shooter, Sanjay Broomfield, 22, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, a felony."

The New York authorities could not get the shooter for shooting a guy that was entering his house, so they are going to charge him with owning a gun inside of his OWN home!!! I do not know the gun laws of New York, nor do i care to. If you can get charged with a crime for owning a gun inside of you own home, there is a serious problem.



Sojourner said...

Yeah I agree, what other choice did the shooter have? He has a right to protect his home. That's pretty fucked up if you ask me, laws are supposed to protect the innocent. Not the other way around.

Cubicle said...

"what other choice did the shooter have? "

be a victim, call 911 and be a victim, or leave his house and let the guy do what he wanted to it.

The guy had a lot of options, but all of them involve giving the criminal what he wants.

Anonymous said...

So many people are quick to judge because this shotting took place in a poor town of Long Island and because the shooter was a black man.
There is nobody in this world that can tell me that they would allow someone to come into their home and rob them..possibly taking their life.
Illegal gun..or not..if someone is coming into my home..and I have to make a choice between my life and damn right I am going to take theirs.
Take a moment to put yourself in Sanjay's shoes. You would have done the same thing!

Cubicle said...

"You would have done the same thing!"

Yes, i would have.