Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sharpton is going down

Source:"The Rev. Al Sharpton will not eat at KFC and he doesn't think you should either.

Starting today, Mr. Sharpton is joining forces with the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to urge a boycott of KFC, which is owned by Yum Brands of Louisville, Ky. Mr. Sharpton and PETA want the fast food chain to require its chicken suppliers to put in place new standards for the treatment of the 750 million chickens they process for KFC every year in the United States. The rap mogul Russell Simmons is also joining the Sharpton campaign."

So let me get this straight, an African American preacher is telling me that i should not eat at KFC. There are several jokes that i could make here, but will not.



Dave Justus said...

Is Orange Soda still ok?

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Cubicle said...

I do not know anything about oragne soda? But from sources in the know "red" koolaid is a flavor.

Matthew J. Kline said...

Who cares what that fatass Al Sharpton boycotts. I lost all respect for him over Tawanna Brawley or whatever her name was. He's a phony!

Cubicle said...


I think you missed the point of the post. Sharpton is a black man who is telling other people not to eat fried chicken.

To engage in a little racial sterotypes, this is the point that everyother black person in america relaizes that his man is crazy.

It is a "soul food" issue.