Monday, February 28, 2005

That's my Bush

The situation with Iran continues to unfold while our intellectual catfish of a president continues to scour the low road of reasoning. According to a recent ABC report, the problem is continuing mainly because of the absence of US initiative. Russia is supplying uranium to the Iranians in a deal where the used nuclear material will be returned to Russia so that it cannot be turned into weapons. This will continue for ten years until Iran is capable of producing its own weapons grade uranium. Bush has not publicly opposed this and furthermore has not contacted Russia about their willingness to store nuclear waste. We could finally start using the rest of Nevada for something besides growing two headed lizards. The European Union has offered Iran economic incentives to stop their uranium enrichment program, but complain that none of the deals can be promised without US support. All the while, Bush avoids committing to any plan of action at all because he does not want it to appear that Washington even recognize Iran's government as legitimate. Honestly, while I understand the political statement, is there any other Iranian government that can influence this decision? Is this some huge Global War on Terrorism loophole? If anti-American forces control your nation you can do as you please because we will be inclined to ignore you. This may be even more well thought out than the war with Iraq.

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