Saturday, February 26, 2005

War all the time

I am not going to come right out and say that our president is a war monger, but when you feel it necessary to announce twice a week that you are not going to send your military to invade Iran maybe you should reflect on your actions a little more. The more he feels the need to announce how much we aren't starting a new war the more I feel uneasy that we are. My only consolation is the knowledge that he has already stretched our military thin in Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Korea. The only way he could get the manpower for another nation-building project would be to start up the ever popular draft again. Even if we had enough people ready to go, what exactly are our criteria for invasion these days? Soldiers are sworn to defend our nation, its people, and our way of life but how far does that go. When you start getting into potential threats (like Saddam's theoretical WMDs) you can justify almost anything. Maybe we should nuke England and claim that a time traveler warned us of their betrayal in the year 2028. Maybe we should be the ones to decide which countries are allowed to posses nuclear capabilities. Maybe we should just fly some B-52s over Tehran and introduce atomic technology the hard way. But maybe we should take wars a little more seriously.

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