Thursday, February 10, 2005

My guns

I think i have made a decision on the type of gun that i want. I think i am either going to by a Springfield xd or a sig pro. I have not shot a sig pro yet, though i have shot it's brother the P299. Once i am able to find anyone that has a sig pro, and will let me shoot it, i will give it a test run. If i cannot find anyone who has one, i might check into actually buying one that is used and see how much money i will lose on the deal if i took it back the next day.

So if you know anyone who has a sig pro in 40 caliber, and is willing to let me shoot it in the Memphis area, please let me know.



Anonymous said...

I like sigs but never shot a sigpro. My understanding is they are completely different than the P22X series in their operating system (double action only, IIRC).

May want to stick with the P22X series, imo.


Cubicle said...

i shot the p229.

I did not like the way it handled, the recoil seemed like it was too much for the size of the caliber i was shooting.

If the sig pro handles better than or just as good as the springfield, i will proably get it.

Just because i have read that sigs customer service is great (while i have heard that springfields i good also) it seems like their are less problems with the sig pro than the springfield.

Also if the sig pro is much more than the sping field i will just get the sping field (i can find it for a really good price)

Anonymous said...

1911s. Everyone needs one. I have a Kimber Ultra CDP II for carry and a Colt Delta Gold Cup for fun. (plus a few others) Both are more accurate than I am. My daughter (5'5" and 90#s) shot both with me a few weeks ago. She can hand the Kimber (45ACP) but likes the full size colt (10mm) better.

My son thought she was scattering his shots until I asked him to hold the target up to his torso. He got my point.

The new Beretta looks really interesting and might be worth a look when it becomes available to the general public.


Cubicle said...

yea i would like to shoot a few smaller 1911s that are more on the concealable side also. but i am having a hard time finding a few of those to rent and shoot also.

That would be 90 pounds of teenager that i would not want to mess with.

Cubicle said...

the spring field has a 1911 grip.

In my opionion it combines the simpleness of a glock with the proven ergonomics of a 1911.

oh and i can get one for $410

rawlus said...

i have a sigpro in .40 S&W. it's DA/SA not DA only.

functions basically the same as my P226 in 9mm.

the SigPro came with dual handgrips, one designed for larger hands, which seemed to help a bit with recoil control and target acquisition.

nice thing is, .357SIG is just a barrel-swap away.

nice gun. good balance. doesn't shoot quite as well as the P226, but the .40 is a hoter round too so that has something to do with it.

polymer or plastic or whatever you want to call it parts are novel i guess. that seems to be the main feature of the sigpro is it's "glock-ness".

i've shot sigs for over a decade now - they're very reliable IMHO.


Cubicle said...

thanks for the info.

How does it shoot compared to the P229, that is the only sig i have shot?