Sunday, February 27, 2005

Near beer, far from home

I tried a non-alcoholic St Pauli's beer today. It wasn't the first near beer that I have tried, but it was the first good one. I am going to buy some more tomorrow to fulfill a purely psychological need. It may seem to be a sign of alcoholism to be comforted by the taste and smell of German beer in the evening, but I have long since learned not to let lofty idealism come between myself and the comforts of this world. Everyone else will make sure that you do your fair share of sweating and working before you pass on. It is up to you to make sure that you enjoy a moment of life now and then.
I read some more about Iran today. It is a particular concern of mine being in only a few hundred miles from it right now. Apparently they are getting the fuel for their nuclear power plant from Russia, which complicates things considerably. If this war was started to stop a potential sponsor of terrorism from creating or possessing weapons of mass destruction, then how do you turn a blind eye to this situation? On the other, you don't want to get drawn into any direct conflict with Russia after you spent the 50 or so years of the Cold War carefully maneuvering around it. It seems like a lose- lose situation. I think the best thing to do would be to incite a giant regional nuclear war where atomic capable nations like Israel and India attack their long time enemies Syria, Iran, and Pakistan. We would naturally support whichever countries won.

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