Friday, February 11, 2005

I did not do jack today

This is in reverse order that i did these things.

I caught up on ARMOR GEDDON.
"The hot brass slapped SFC Kennedy in the face."
Roby! Quit that shit, man!"
"Hey Roby, you want my grenade?" SGT Kennedy asked.
"What the fuck?" SFC Kennedy asked. "Where the fuck did you get a grenade?"

"From my buddy in 2-2IN," SGT Kennedy replied as he handed Roby the grenade.

Oh lord. Here we go, SFC Kennedy thought. I know he's gonna pull that pin and drop the grenade in the damn turret"

Found another reader: Digital Irony - Yishai's News and Rants
Thanks for reading.

Learned how machine guns work at how stuff works, which complements Wadcutter's series nicely. I will probably go back and ready what woodcutters has to say, because i an dumb and need pictures.

Learned how body armour works from how stuff works.

I almost solved Einstein's riddle yesterday, but revisited it today with a friend who said he solved it a different way. It turns out that he was mistaken. The problem i faced in solving this riddle was not being able to solve it. Because i had figured out most of it and what i did figure out was correct. My problem was part risk averseness and laziness.

Learned how camo works from how stuff works and read about the camo of the future.

I learned how the Jeep Hurricane works, a truly amazing jeep. I am pretty cynical, but the engine could be part of the answer for energy independence.

Read all of this edition of the onion.

Researched the movie home delivery services that are available: Blockbuster and Netflix.

Read all about the Beretta Px4 storm. I think Beretta is doing a few things well. One, they are realizing how important the web is. It is more important than just a store front, you have to have all of you information available. Consumers will tend to gravitate toward products that they feel comfortable or know the most about. Allowing them to read as much as they can on the web will help that along.

Two i think that they are gearing up for a Px4 storm release date soon for civilians. They created this website to draw civilians in, not law enforcement or military.

I also think that they did the release of the Px4 backwards. I would have released to civilians first, then the military. Or at least at the same time. For the testing phase i would have released the gun to a certified list of gun ranges and let them rent it and put it through the paces. That will solve the quality control problems.

I finally disabled script debugging in Internet explorer (annoying message boxes would pop up when ever there was an error). I could not read the Px4 storm page with it on. It got turned on somehow, and i just never bothered with how to turn it off until today.

And I also found out that they have some killer BB guns out there.

Apparently that is either the first thing i clicked on this morning or IE used up the space it had allocated for today. I am going for the latter, because i know i clicked on stuff before that because i was reading blogs before i say that.



Yishai said...

Wow! Thanks for the acknowledgement, cube. I really enjoy your blog. Your views and situations are right up my alley. If I would have more time to post, my site would sound like yours. Please keep up the good work!
Yishai [DigitalIrony]

Anonymous said...

So... what did you decide about the DVD's by mail programs? *A curious individual*

Cubicle said...

Well Block buster is 16 dollars for six months, but i did not look to see what the price was when it bumbs up.

block buster also will send you a coupon for on free movie rental at a brick and mortor store (that will probably be a non new release).

where as netflix is 18 dollars and no free coupon.

though netflix will get you movies to you quicker because they have more disbution centers.

Netflix promised like 2-3 days where blockbuster promised like 3-4 days

as far as their online interfaces i did not see anything.

I do not know if i will do one,I kinda like walking through blockbuster. It also gives me a reason to get out of my apartment.