Saturday, February 12, 2005

Now I am worried

"New York City doctors have discovered a man with a previously unseen strain of HIV that is resistant to three of the four types of anti-viral drugs that combat the disease, and progresses from infection to full-blown AIDS in two or three months, the health department said.

We've identified this strain of HIV that is difficult or impossible to treat and which appears to progress rapidly to AIDS,'' said New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden. ``We have not seen a case like this before. It holds the potential for a very serious public health problem.''

The case was diagnosed in a New Yorker in his mid-40s who reported multiple male sex partners and unprotected anal sex -- often while using the drug crystal methamphetamine."

Well, that is it. All we need I for this strain to go airborne and we are all dead. Good bye life, I have lived you while I can.

If you did not have the motivation to do anything with you life and you are a 30 year old loser, it is too late now. You might as well try to beat that last video game because that is all you have time for. In fact if you play video games and do not speak to people, you stand a better chance of surviving the post HIV world.



Sojourner said...

I was watching a documentayr on IFC about people who thought that AIDS was accidentally created in a lab. Have you ever heard anything like this?

Cubicle said...

heh heh.

This is all I know about it. Of course as andrew says in the comments it is hard to debunk a consparicay theory, of course they are even harder to prove.

I have read no creditable reports from anybody who actually studies viruises.

What i do know about the aids virus is the way it is transmitted is not entirely new to the world. It's mechanism for infecting cells is the same as the bubinonic plauge. Which means that some people are immune to aids because they are immune to the plauge.