Sunday, February 27, 2005

Learn something new everyday

Fifteen months after Japan's last liftoff ended in a spectacular fireball, an orange and white H-2A rocket blasted off Saturday on a mission officials hope will revive this country's once proud space program — now languishing in China's shadow.

The 174-foot-tall rocket, with the word "Nippon," or Japan (search), emblazoned on its side, lifted off into a cloudy sky just before sunset from the sprawling space center on this remote southern island.

I now know where the nickname "Nip" came from during war war 2. Interstice. Is "Nip" really a racial slur, when it is what the Japanese call themselves? For example, if I called my self a "Stump/Tree Jumper" would it be a racial slur?

"Stump/Tree Jumper" = Whites.

"Rednecks use Stump Jumper or Tree Jumper against hillbillies lower than themselves, but they also use it to point out hillbillies that commit incest- jumping the family tree."

Source: Racial Slur Database


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