Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The NAACP is screwed

NAACP Refuses to Cooperate With IRS Probe

You can do and say a lot inside of America, but the IRS can really screw you if they decide to. They will bend you over and make you grab you ankles. There are so many tax laws even the IRS does not know all of them. They can randomly pull one out of a hat until they find one you are violating.

I personally think the NAACP is taking the wrong approach here. If they are innocent, as they say they are, it is not worth fighting. It will take up too much time and too much money. It is a lot easier just to give the IRS your information.

Then again if they are really hiding something, they are screwed. I wonder if the NAACP even told its workers what a tax exempt organization is and what not to say.


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