Wednesday, May 25, 2005

24 body count (season 4)

These are the confirmed or mostly confirmed bodies in 24.

First two hours
30 Train explosion (truck on tracks was placed their by terrorists) (number confirmed by background news report in the Araz kitchen)
1 guy with a briefcase attached to arm with cuffs (killed by a terrorist)
4 programmers (killed by a terrorist named Kalil)
5 secret service agents (killed by terrorists)
1 mother of a programmer (killed by a terrorist named Kalil)
1 CTU field agent (killed by a terrorist named Kalil)
1 security guard (killed by a terrorist named Kalil )

Second Two hours
2 terrorist with an sniper rifle (Jack's kills)
1 terrorist with a pistol (Secretary of defense killed this one)
1 terrorist with an AK-47 (Secretary of defense killed this one)
1 American teenage girl (poisoned by Arab mamma terrorist)

Fifth hour
1 terrorist named Kalil (He choose to end his life by driving in front of a 18-wheeler.)

NOTE: This terrorist figured out he was being followed and decided to kill himself. Jack was doing the following. I might credit Jack with this kill later, if he needs one more kill to reach some mark i set for him.

Sixth Hour
11 terrorists (Jack with an HK USP TACTICAL or Mark 23)
2 terrorists (Secretary of defense killed these two)
4 terrorists (Marines in helicopter)
4 terrorists (Marines on ground)
1 terrorist named Omar (stabbed in leg by Audrey, stabbed with a thrown knife by jack, and shot by marines)
1 terrorist assassin (Behrooz did it with a shovel to the head in the desert)

Note: In the seventh hour it was mentioned in a news report that at least 20 people were inside of the warehouse where the Secretary was held hostage. I recorded 21 deaths, one two many.

Seventh Hour
2 security guards at the two entrances (by terrorists)
3 tactical team members (by terrorists)
2 terrorists who burst into the security video room (by jack)
1 video security tech guy in room with jack (by terrorists)
1 terrorist in the hall on way to garage (by jack)
2 terrorists in the garage (by jack)
2 other terrorist in garage (Tony Almeida)

Eighth Hour
1 CTU agent (killed by terrorist car bomb meant for Marianne)
1 Terrorist programmer (killed by terrorist sniper to shut him up)

Ninth Hour
3 Nuclear Engineers
1 Terrorist's Uncle named Naseem (by a terrorist named Navi)

Tenth Hour
1 Terrorist (Navi Araz killed by his son, Behrooz)
1 Terrorist mole named Marianne (By the anti-jack's henchmen)
2 CTU agents guarding terrorist mole and Curtis (By the anti-jack's henchmen)

Eleventh Hour
2 Terrorist Henchmen (by Curtis in Rockland building)
1 Terrorist Guarding Elevator (by Curtis in Rockland building)
1 Terrorist henchmen on floor (by CTU agents in Rockland building)
1 Terrorist henchmen named Ali on cell phone (by CTU agents in Rockland building)
1 Maya, schizophrenic daughter of the CTU director (suicide)
1 CTU agent (by terrorist named Habib Marwan)
1 CTU agent named Solarz (by terrorist named Habib Marwan)

NOTE: I think there were at least two other terrorist henchmen on the floor of the Rockland building where Curtis was held captive, but I can only confirm the ones listed here.

Twelfth Hour
No kills

Thirteenth Hour
3 MF security guards (by Jack)
3 Mercs outside of sporting goods store (by Jack)
1 Merc outside of sporting goods store (by Paul)
1 Merc outside of sporting goods store (by Tall Arab America Lover Brother)
1 Merc outside of sporting goods store (by Short Arab America Lover Brother)
1 Merc inside of sporting goods store (by Tall Arab America Lover Brother, assisted by Short Arab America Lover Brother)
1 Merc inside of sporting goods store (by Paul)
1 Merc inside of sporting goods store (by Jack with shotgun)
1 Merc inside of sporting goods store (by Jack with knife to the base of the skull) *Nominated for kill of the season
1 Merc inside of sporting goods store (by Jack with pistol)

Fourteenth Hour
1 Terrorist Mama (by terrorist henchmen)
1 Air Force Officer (by terrorist fly boy henchmen)
1 Air Force Officer's wife (by terrorist henchmen)
2 children of an Air Force Officer (by terrorist henchmen)
1 Arab Terrorist named Joseph Fayed (by himself)
2 CTU agents (by Arab Suicide bomber)

Fifteenth Hour
1 Stealth Fighter Mechanic (by terrorist fly boy)
1 Terrorist Sniper (by CTU agents)

Sixteenth Hour
1 Terrorist near bashed in door (by Jack)
1 CTU Agent (by terrorists)
2 Terrorists before computer room (by Jack)
1 Terrorist running (by Jack with Knife)
4 Terrorists (by Jack)
3 Terrorists (by CTU Agents)
1 Worlds worst FBI Agent (by hot terrorist chick)
1 CTU Agent (by hot terrorist chick)
1 Hot Terrorist Chick (by Jack)

Seventeenth Hour
1 Woman on Presidents Plane
1 Man on Presidents Plane
1 Presidents son
1 CTU Agent (by terrorist henchmen)
1 Terrorist with Uzi (by Jack)
1 Terrorist (by Jack)
1 Terrorist in Jeep (by Jack)

Eighteenth Hour
1 Terrorist named Yoisk Khatami (by merc named Joe Prado)
54 President's Staff on Air force One

Nineteenth Hour
1 Terrorist in rear (by Jackl)
2 CTU Agents (by Terrorist Assassin)
1 Dumb civillian (by Terrorist Assassin) (If people are firing guns, either you go out and shoot them or you stay inside you house and hide. This guy walked out side and asked what they terrorist Assassin was doing and paid the price for this stupidity)
1 Terroist Assassin (by the best CTU computer Analyst named Chloe) (Nominatd for Kill of the Year)

Twentieth Hour
1 Koo Yin the Chinese Consul (by Chinese consulate security guards)
1 Englishman (Paul Raines) (by Jack)

Twenty-First Hour
1 Terrorist outside of building (by CTU agents)
3 Terrorists inside of building (by CTU agents)

Twenty-Second Hour
2 CTU Agents by terrorists (by terrorists)
1 Gay terrorist lackey (by hot terrorist assassin)
1 CTU Agent (by hot terrorist assassin)

Twenty-Third Hour
1 Rommate Jaz (By Hot terrorist chick (HTC) or Mandy)
2 Rommates (By HTC or Mandy)

Twenty-Fourth Hour
1 Terrorist (by Jack)
1 CTU agent (by terrorist named Habib Marwan)
1 Terrorist named Habib Marwan (Sucide)

225 Total body count
24 Number of hours
9.375 Average Number of Kills per show
39 Total Number of Jacks Kills
1.625 Average Number of Jack's kills per show

Wounded List (this list is a running list of the wounded)
1 Programmer (either third or fourth hour)
1 US President

Deaths Per Show Posted by Hello

Death Growth Chart Posted by Hello

Notice the trend line, given 4 more years of 24, Jack would have killed all the terrorists.

This will be updated after every episode of 24 on fox.
Other information: 24 web log



Michael said...

I am hooked.

Cubicle said...

remember that you don't know jack excecpt that Jack is you daddy.

I hope you enjoy the show. it is better on DVD with no commercials and you can watch 7 to 10 of the straight.

Dawn Summers said...

Didn't the programmer kid die?

Cubicle said...

I thought they said that he was in critical condition.

He may die later, but as far as i know at the end of the 4th hour he was not dead.

Logic said...

The programmer kid is not yet dead. I wouldn't credit the terrorist that ran into the truck with a Jack Kill. He knew "the man" was on him, but he didn't know "the man" was Jack. He died clueless, but in a blaze of glory. Besides, he was tipped off by the cop and not by Jack.

I suggest not watching 7 hours straight of 24, it will make you want to shoot someone. cube you are a geek. Amature...


Michael said...

Yes, but at least the one thing all 24 fans fear most hasn't happened yet...

Not one Kim sighting yet this year...

Cubicle said...

i happen to like (looking at) kim a lot.

Bruce said...

Excellent score card you got going here. It reminds me of my freshman year in college when we'd watch Rat Patrol and keep track on a chart on the wall of deaths, both German, and Allies - as well as any special guest stars in each episode.

One 24 note: I just got sucked in this season, and notice that when handing someone a gun in the heat of battle, Jack will chamber a round and tell the person "There's one in the pipe, and the safety's off".

That's all well and good, but last week, the gun he handed what's-her-name sure looked like a Glock to me (no external safety).

There's a good chance I'm mistaken, just wanted to pass that on.

Cubicle said...

thanks for the info. I am definatly intrested in what jack uses to kill people.

I also think i saw him with a sig pro once.

GaijinBiker said...

Good independent journalism.

Maybe you could display the data in some kind of graph?

JT said...

Don't forget Edgar's mom

JT said...

....or Navi (shot by his son)

Cubicle said...


Navi has been added.

As to the issue of Edgar's mom. This is a tricky one because it is almost assured that she is dead, but we have not acutally seen a body or a funeral yet.

It has been an executive decsion of the staff here at sandcastles and cubicles to not count her yet. Though she certaintly will get mentioned in the finial numbers that come out on the nuclear disaster.

Anonymous said...

Paul Raines shouldn't be credited to Jack -- he should be credited to the terrorist that shot him. Jack didn't kill Paul, he only allowed him to die from injuries already sustained.

Cubicle said...


It was the members of the 24 kill count board that voted on this decision (me and my two friends). And an informal poll was taken at this link:

The vote at the link was the only nay vote for crediting the kill to jack. And i will not count yours because 1) voting is over with and 2) you are anonymous


Alceste said...

did you have any other nominees beside chloe for kill of the year? there really might not be any contest...

Cubicle said...

Yes, the other nominee for kill of the year is when Jack killed the guy with a knife to the back of the neck.

I will do a round up post later on today.

Anonymous said...

people of america, today u awake to a new world,a world of fear. im happy that paul died. i hope audrey dies to.this is not a love story. i wish jack could shoot her himself for just talking to much.

we are all hooked from trinidad in the caribbean. keep it comin.

henchman said...

I know it's a little late, but I just rewatchd the 4th season marathon on A&E this labor day weekend. I followed your death count as the show went on and I noticed you missed a death in the Nineteenth hour. Right before the best CTU computer Analyst named Chloe kills 1 Terroist Assassin, the Terrorist Assassin kills 1 Heavy Set Nosy Neighbor, shooting him twice in the chest. It's understandable to forget that one in the excitement of a seeing Chloe looking like a terminatrix though.

Cubicle said...

Oh you are right, I will fix that. I will update it, thanks

Just as a little background, I do not have cable because I think it makes you dumb, so I watch 24 over at a friends house.

I happened to be dog sitting this weekend, so I watched about 15 hours of TV on and off yesterday.

CSI marathon and 24 (the entire season) it was Stargate SG-1 night on Sci-fi and ultimate fighter came on at 10 to finish everything.