Thursday, May 05, 2005


Source:"Wal-Mart argues that, as retailing companies go, it treats its workers better than average. It says 74 percent of its employees work full time, compared with fewer than 40 percent at many other retailers. But critics note that a leading competitor, Costco, pays $16 an hour - 65 percent more than the average wage at Wal-Mart stores and 33 percent more than the $12 average at its Sam's Club stores. At Costco, 82 percent of the workers are covered by company health insurance, compared with 48 percent at Wal-Mart."

Costco is Wal-mart's main competitor??? Do not believe the lies. The average shopper at Costco makes around 90,000 dollars a year. The two stores do not compete in the same markets. Costco requires a membership to shop, whereas wal-mart is free. Wal-mart's main competitors are the targets, wal-greens, dollar stores, and dollar generals of the world. The critics are point out that Costco pays it's employees more and expect wal-mart to follow. Why aren't those critics trying to get target and other stores to bulk up pay and benefits also? I doubt ideological biases has anything to do with their attacks (/sarcasm).

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Sandcastle said...

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world. We even have Wal-Marts in Germany. Why would they want to copy less succesful competitors anyway?

Cubicle said...

actually their compeitors are stealing much of their new prospects (On the more expenisve side of the ailse and the cheap side fo the alise also).

Walmart has recently started to offer more expensive items along with their regualar cheap stuff. To compete against target.

The stores such as dollar general are starting to make inroads against wal-mart in certian markets.

Wal-mart cannot pay more it will become much less profitable and prices will rise as a result.

And sams is competeing against costco, and lossing all the rich people with money to spend