Saturday, May 07, 2005

I am gay and was born that way

Is being gay a choice or is it genetic? I believe that it is a choice because of a lack of scientific evidence of the "I was born that way" theory. Other groups would have you believe that you are born gay. Which is fine, but it makes for interesting situations where you can legally discriminate....errr...use information in interesting ways because the person was born gay.

For example (and I think I probably have picked the worst example I could possible think of), sickle cell anemia mostly affects dark skinned people. It is a fact that cannot be hid from. So if you were going to do a mail out asking for volunteers to help with a study, I probably would be most effective to send out the mail to the nearest inner city or just registered democrats.

This article points out a situation that I had never thought of before.

Source:"To the dismay of gay-rights activists, the Food and Drug Administration is about to implement new rules recommending that any man who has engaged in homosexual sex in the previous five years be barred from serving as an anonymous sperm donor."

The FDA says it is because homosexuals get aids and they should not be allowed to donate sperm. That sounds nice on the surface, but upon closer inspection that does not make sense. In reality, anyone can get aids, so you should test everyone. Anyone can lie easily the forms which ask you to disclose this personal information. You can also lie about being gay. Which since there is not a gay test there is no way of catching this person.

I personally do not see any reasons why a gay man cannot donate sperm, as long as his sperm is clean of disease and his sperm is packaged in bright rainbow colors so that the woman who get is knows that her child might turn out gay, though there is not scientific evidence of that.

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: Upon reading the title of this post, I thought it might be a good idea to clarify. I AM not gay, though I might have been born that way (I have seen on scientific evidence to the contrary)



Sandcastle said...

So you just did or did not come out of the closet on the internet?

Cubicle said...

given those options, i would have to say i did not.

Michael C said...

Good to hear you may or you may not have been born that way.

Anonymous said...

I was frightened for a moment. Another reason your girlfriend shouldn't read your blog.

Dave Justus said...

Better than reading Cube is gay and his girlfriend made him that way Stewardess :)

Righteousdude said...

I always believe it is something genetic. I am, myself, but who is it of anyone else's business anyway? Why do they care so much?

Why would anyone WANT to be gay? With all the taunting... How can they POSSIBLY BELIEVE that someone would want to be.

I am proud of myself, for who I am. When I was a little younger, I wanted to be straight. But I am myself, and that is who I will always be.

I am happy, and why would I want to be otherwise?

I read an article with some proof of homosexuality being genetic somehow. It doesn't matter how... maybe we'll get more RESPECT now.

Cubicle said...

"I always believe it is something genetic."

What if there was proof that it was not genetic? Because their is very little proof that it is at this point in time, so proof could come out that it is not genetic. Would you sill belive that it is genetic.

Also, your statement is sounding a lot like a statement of faith or religion and not a statement of fact.

"I am, myself, but who is it of anyone else's business anyway? Why do they care so much?"

Most people don't if you keep it to yourself. When gays start fighting for the rights to marry and adopt kids, that is when people start careing.

"Why would anyone WANT to be gay? With all the taunting... How can they POSSIBLY BELIEVE that someone would want to be."

Why would anyone want to be a serial killer? There are some messed up people out there, and it is better not to try to ascribe motives.

Anonymous said...

Many factors over looked that can cause a child believing they was born gay, or may be, or should be Not born gay, The three U's. Unknowledged,Undiagnosed,Untreated.
Gender dysphoria;(a child wants to be the opposite gender) some born with others learn characteristics(a child often acts like the opposite gender). Both often mistaken as a gay child. Gender dysphoria does not mean you are gay. If a child or parent knew this, they would be ahead of the game.
Some children look like the opposite gender they was born, and then opens up opportunity for someone of same gender to like the person in special ways, and at a young age, that can confuse children.
Not all children that think they are gay have a gender dysphoria. Sometimes when they can be very young, something such as a kiss could cause two of the same gender children to form sexual attractions to same gender, then forget leaving the pleasure in the brain to later surface as feelings for same gendered person, but the child can not remember that incident that caused such pleasure. Perhaps even formed a crush innocently on guardian touches. Do you see how it could be forgotten.yet form pleasures in the mind to later resurface.
Sometimes children forced and it may not be from innocence, yet the child still could have pleasure formed between same gender, and later block out incident, and then still have the pleasure formed.
Often post traumatic distress from any of these issues above.
If wonder, then you forgot something most likely. You may contact me any time at kids do not choose

Cubicle said...

"kids do not choose"

So you are saying that being gay is biological. If it is biological, then it can probably be cured?

Just look at depression.