Thursday, May 05, 2005

Long live the arms race

I think everyone is beginning to see how difficult it is to contain technology. If Iran and North Korea both develop nuclear weapons they will join about a dozen other nations ranging from friendly to questionable. Hell, if Pakistan developed them, how hard could it be? These nations would be more than willing to sell the knowledge to their own "allies". And this is not the way that these issues have ever been handled in the past. We did not ask poorer nations not to produce machine guns after we got them. No one has ever before tried to introduce and then hide such a scientific breakthrough. I say let them make bombs. We should make bigger ones. America should develop weapons and defenses that make any North Korean arsenal look like a sling shot. How about some orbiting death ray lasers mounted on satellites? We are hoping to win the arms race by convincing everyone else that they should stop. It is time to start running again. We need to take advantage of our own economic and scientific strengths. I think we have seen that diplomacy is not really our strong suit. Or what about biological weapons? We have developed them before. How hard would it be to make a new disease and then immunize Americans against it? Our entire army is immune to small pox. What if we started using that? We need to quit going at everything half ass. We need to decide if we are more worried about appearing friendly or appearing intimidating. It is time to stop riding the fence.

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