Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cast you vote

There is one finial task for the twenty-four fans. We must decide on the kill of the year. This will be the kill, which most embodies the spirit and nature of 24. I will provide a recap of the kills here (read spoilers).

The first kill to be nominated came from the main character, Jack.

Jack with a knife to the base of the skull in the sporting goods store

Jack had just escaped from the MClennan-Forster building and was trying to save his and Paul's skin. The came across a sporting goods store were two Arab brothers were trying to protect their property from the riots that had followed the EMP blast. Jack, Paul, and the two brothers establish a defensive position in the sporting good store to await the mercenaries, which Jack had seen earlier. The plan was to make the mercenaries break radio silence, so that CTU would be able to find Jack and Paul because Jack knew that CTU would be listening to the airwaves. Jack, Paul, and the two brothers stage a good fight but eventually have to fall back. During the retreat they take out several mercenaries as they advance towards Jack and the others in the dark. The mercenary leader is killed when he walks by jack who is hidden in a rack of clothes. Jack kills the merc leader with a knife to the base of the skull. The original nomination is here.

Chloe with automatic weapon outside of the terrorist's girlfriend's house

CTU receives a lead about a potential terrorist who is working with the actual warheads. The are running short of time and men and must follow up on the lead as soon as possible, that means acquiring, decrypting, and accessing the terrorist's data in the field. They will need a computer analyst to do this job. They send their best and brightest, Chloe. Chloe arrives with two CTU field agents as protection and sets to work trying to decrypt the information on the terrorist's computer. While Chloe is working on that, an assassin sent by a terror cell to make sure the girlfriend does not talk shows up and kills the two CTU agents. Chloe runs, hides, and calls CTU. She and the terrorist's girlfriend manage to make it to the CTU car, which has bulletproof glass protecting them. Chloe is able to get to the weapons stored in the back of the car once she calls CTU and received the combination to the lock. Chloe then jumps out of the car with an automatic weapon just as it is about to be rammed by the terrorist assassin. Chole the fills the drive side with holes killing the terrorist assassin. The original nomination is here in the nineteenth hour.

Please place you votes and pass along this link to anyone who likes the shows enough to actually vote. Voting will close when I get around to it, and I will update this post with the winner of this contest.


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Alceste said...

I go with Chloe's - had more of an impact to me while watching the show...