Sunday, May 15, 2005

It was just a matter of time

I went to the CNN homepage around 11:00 Saturday and read this headline, "Uzbek soldiers 'killed hundreds'". I really do not know which side to believe one this story, though I suspect that the people who where killed were innocent of the accusations leveled against them (The protesters were accused of wanting to install an Islamic state.) I also suspect that they guy in charge of Uzbek is probably not a nice guy, hell, he is probably down right evil.

I like the way the CNN story put things.
"At one point, about 10,000 protesters gathered in the city center to demand the resignation of Uzbek President Islam Karimov and his government, who are allies of the United States. "

I also wonder if anyone will come out and say this is Bush's fault. It is Bush's fault because if he would have never told the world that freedom is achievable, then those poor souls over on the other side of the word would not be tying to get it.


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