Saturday, May 14, 2005

Xbox 360

My tech news moves at the speed of sound. So that is why I am just now hearing about the Xbox 360 premier on MTV. So far from what I have read the Xbox 360 seems not to be a giant leap forward in gaming technology. It basically has all the stuff the original xbox had, just a whole lot better, though the Xbox seems to be making moves to push into the entertainment market. Once the xbox becomes a tivo replacement, that is when I will be interested. All I want is a machine that can do everything out of the box, with not additional cost or work on my part.

*20 GB detachable hardrive (That should be upgradeable and portable, though I do not know if it is upgradable.)
*Comes wi-fi ready
*Supports both wired and wireless controllers
*All Xbox 360 games formatted for high def TVs
*Ability rip CDs directly to hard drive.
*This is the big one: "But the real multimedia functionality ties in with the 360's wireless capabilities. The machine will automatically connect and stream digital media -- including video and digital pictures -- stored on any PC running Windows XP." I do not know how it is going to do that if my computer is not using a wireless connection, but oh well.
* Xbox 360 will offer a multi-tiered system for its Live component. One of those tiers will be free (though you will not be able to play with others online, just talk to them).



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