Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's a gold mine, I tell ya

So I was thinking the other day about some extra ways to earn money. I was looking for a way to earn cash in foreign back accounts, as a part time job. Then I realized that some of the most successful businesses just take advantages of people's emotions. For example, Microsoft knows that everyone hates work (powerful emotion, wouldn't you say) and is developing tools to make work easier, so that we (workers that is) have more time to play on the internet.

So as I was driving around listening to the news when the golden idea struck me. A few facts to lay the ground work of the idea that would make me rich are in order, my friend. There are a billion Muslims. All of them are crazy. All of them want to save their Qru'an. You can buy the Qru'an on the internet (new or used)....I think you know where I am going with this.

I am thinking about forming a Qru'an rescue organization. For willing buyers, I will buy large amounts of Qru'ans and handle all the details to make sure the sacred cargo arrives on their door step safely and out of the hands of infidels. I will be the middle man who handles the rescuing of the Qru'an from the hands of the infidels. I will accept all major credit cards, home made Ak's, and barrels of oil as payment.

Of course, the major hurdle to getting started would be getting the world out amount the Muslims. Since they do not have electricity, the internet, and only read Arabic, they are a tough demographic to reach. I am forced to rely on word of mouth. So to start off this Qru'an rescue organization, I have decided to show them exactly what happens when they choose not to rescue their Qru'an by flowing a serial Qru'an flusher. Once they see the horror of the infidels, I am sure they would be willing to pay me large sums of money to perform rescue operations.

My motto: "Rescue a Qru'an, it is a riot."

While it seems despicable that people have to use such tactics to make a buck, I did not create the system, I only live in it.


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