Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars

It is early still, well it is early for those who saw the midnight showing of Star Wars. I think I was home around three last night. I am tired, my eyes are itchy (contacts are screwing up), I have some indigestion from the large bucket of popcorn I ate before the movie even started, but yet I am satisfied on an entirely another level.

I love science fiction and I like Star Wars the best. I was talking to a friend that I had seen the movie with and he pointed out that you already knew how this story was going to end and you already knew the story, that is a large step to overcome to make a movie exciting. I think George succeeded. The loose ends were tied up great and the transformation of Vader was wonderful. George Lucas did a great job of creating a huge story and telling it and maintaining control of it over the years. Thanks for the fun, George. I liked this one the best of the prequels, so far.

I am now (as in soon) going to watch the first three movies that came out nearly a quarter of a century ago.

If you have small children, I would not allow them to watch this movie with out watching the first three right after this one. The good guys do not win this battle.


Update: I just looked outside of my office an caught one of my co workers trying to force choke me.

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Michael C said...

8:15 I can't wait. Buttered popcorn and Sour Patch kids in hand I will be ready.