Wednesday, June 01, 2005


At worked they blocked the ports which the streamed music and videos come in. So when ever I find a video I want to watch, I have to store the link on my computer, log into work from home, and watch the video from the browser from my home computer. This results in kinda of an mini-internet movie marathon. I will share these finds with you.

Talent Trick - ok, but not that great, though new to me.
Big Girl Beats down skinny dude - this one is an old one, but should be viewed every once and a while (real long)
Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. Commercial - those social conservatives cannot win this battle
Steel target ricochet - nothing to see here , though an interesting conversation video
Store Wars - nice star wars spook, I think I pulled this one from Dave justus
Pat tillman tribute - a late memorial
Machine Gun Video - I see why they outlawed those suckers. I want one


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