Saturday, June 18, 2005

Joke of the Day

Straight from the vortex of the cube.

There was a white feminist, white gay man, and Al Sharpton on the Titanic 2. As the boat begin to sink the three started to argue over who should go first into the lifeboat.

The feminist said that she should go first. She based her decision on historical precedence and the fact that men oppress women throughout the world. Since the other two were men they should allow the woman to take her natural position and should follow the woman as she led them onto the boat.

The gay man said that the woman was wrong because she was enforcing hetronormative cognitive decision models on the group and that he should be allowed to go first. He cited the fact that he was unable legally marry and adopt children as examples of discrimination. He also cited the fact that he was born differently from both of them and had unique genes, which should be preserved for the benefit of the human race.

Al Sharpton then told them that they were both wrong. Al said that he should be allowed to go first because of his minority status. He explained who women are not minorities nor oppressed when they make up just over half of the population. He also explained that they white gay man owed him for what the gay man's ancestors had done to his ancestors.

Question: Who got onto the boat?
Answer: No one, the boat ended up sinking.


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