Thursday, June 23, 2005

American political parties and their inconsistencies surrounding evolution

Over the years the political parties of America have staked out their political positions on nearly all aspects of American life. Some of those positions have involved the teaching of evolution. Evolution has been a hotly debated topic for the past 80 years. To this day schools are still arguing over how it should be taught (The schools lost the battle of it should be taught or not.)

This post is not meant to be a history lesson, but just a big highlighter pointing out areas in which the different parties are inconsistent and could realign their views on certain issues to be more ideology consistent across a wider range of issues. I will state the party and then the party’s position. These will be grossly over simplified for times sake. I assume my readers will catch the inconsistencies.

Evolution in Schools
Democrats - For the teaching of evolution

Republicans - Against the teaching of evolution, or at a minimum wants stickers on books stating that evolution is a theory. Kind of like the theory of gravity.

Evolution in the natural environment
Democrats - Against any species dieing because it cannot evolve (i.e. pandas, who will not screw to save their species). Don't adapt and humans will make sure you survive somehow.

Republicans - For evolution in the natural environment (i.e. spotted owl). Adapt or die.

Evolution in business
Democrats - Against natural progression of business. Don't adapt and allow the government to support you and\or bail you our (i.e. airlines).

Republicans - For the natural progression of business with limited governmental intervention. Adapt or die.

Evolution in abortion
Democrats - For the human (unnatural) control of the birth process.

Republicans - For the natural control of the birth process, even to the extreme of not using birth control in some cases.

Evolution in Lifestyle choices
Democrats - Against anything you can do that might kill you, if you are stupid enough to do it to fast or do to much of it (i.e. Driving to fast, using guns, eating, and smoking)

Republicans - All for allowing people to do what ever they want, even if they do somthing stupid and it kills them.

Evolution in View of life
Democrats - Democrats view life as an easy trip where you get lots of vacations and many things are given to you because it is your right.

Republicans - Life is short and hard like a bodybuilding elf, and if you do not do something stupid you will most likely live though it still will require work.

Evolution in Education
Democrats - Everyone must learn, even if that means the smart ones are never taught anything they did not already know. The government pays for education.

Republicans - If you are too stupid to learn, you do not go to college. If you do go to college, pay for it yourself and hope that you make enough money that you are able to pay it back at some point in time.

Evolution in medical care
Democrats - Everyone gets free medical care

Republicans - You get medical care if you can pay for it. You can pay for it, if you make lots of money. You can makes lots of money if you went to a school and did well enough to get a job.

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