Friday, June 24, 2005

Kelo et al v. City of New London, 04-108

Kind of like the death of a friend. I do not have much to say, but I thought the supreme court was going to fall on the right side on this one. I guess I had misplaced my faith in that group of people.

Say Uncle - who have been covering this story and others like it for as long as I have been reading his blog.

"How a private development could possibly be justified as public use is beyond me. Worth noting that the conservative judges came down on the right side of things.


Nashville files - this was the first report I read of the decision.

"More: Quotes of initial reactions from people talking to me...

"Time for blood to water the trees, baby!"

"We've now turned into a communistic state!"

"This, if anything, is deserving of a bullet to someone's head.""

I am not much of a flag burning, property devastating (and when I say devastate, I mean making it total unlivable, undevelopable for as long as I humanly can, and making the clean up cost nearly unbearable for whoever owns the property.), though I am getting really pissed off recently.


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