Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jobs that Mexicans can do

In order to do my small part to help the global economy, I have decided to dedicate this post to "Jobs that Mexicans can do". Before I delve into the details, I would like to do a bit of explanation concerning the title of this post.

For one, "Jobs" means work in which you get paid legally for and is a legal job by a person who can work in the united states legally. Secondly, "Mexicans" is really an all inclusive term to refer to all unskilled workers that are in the states legally or illegally and do not speak English or even read well (This group would include most highschool drop outs).

Airline Stewardesses - first the ability to speak English is really only needed if you are doing the whole safety demonstration. Which in many cases that demonstration is done by video with bad computer graphics anyways. I would think that you would only need one head stewardess who could speak English to handle this part of the flight.

In all other areas, Mexicans would be superior to the overpaid stewardesses. For one Mexicans are smaller than average so they would save on fuel, space, and be able to walk through the aisles easier. Secondly, we all know when it comes to manual labor Mexicans work about twice as fast as normal humans. Which pushing the cart down the aisle is basically light manual labor, so Mexicans might be able to do the job 4 to 5 times as fast. Thirdly, Do you ever talk to you stewardess? I don't. To me that shows that the ability to speak English on flights is overrated. As long as Mexicans understand the word "Coke" and other simple words, I think that is all the English skills that they will need.

Mailmen - Do you need to read to deliver the mail or even speak English? Here Mexicans are competing on a level playing ground with other Americans. Their numbers are the same as ours, so addresses, which are composed mostly of numbers, are easy for them to read. Anything they cannot figure out, they will have to spend a little extra time looking for. Which since they did all the other mail twice as fast, they will have plenty of time to find the one house they missed. Secondly, while the first few days as a mailman might be rough for our new immigrant postal employees, over time the job will grow easier, because the houses do not move, for the most part.

To help American please send me more ideas to post.


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