Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Big money ideas

A TV show that expects you to pause.
With the advent of TiVo's and other similar technology, I suspect a new form of TV show\movie\game might evolve. I do not know the exact form that this will come out in. A few possible ideas. A detective show that tells you to pause before the killer is caught During the pause you are supposed to figure out who done it. If this show was leveraged with HD technology, you could even expect the users to pause during the show to examine evidence that would not be seen on a normal TV show. You could have parties to watch the show, it could be social TV.

Pants that are waterproof on the inside to keep the urine to soaking through.
I know this happens to you to, so do not try to deny it. This could really save your butt if you are in an interview situation where you pants need to be urine free, but you do not have time to do a complete shake.

Toilets with arm rests
They do not have to be really comfortable, they can be built a lot like airline seat arm rests: Not comforatable, but they get the job done.


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