Thursday, June 09, 2005

An nice attempt

Source:"SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - Some U.S. companies are trying to control employee ailments like high blood pressure in order to curb skyrocketing health-insurance costs.

PepsiCo (PEP) and American Standard Cos. (ASD) have also started programs that encourage employees with poor health to clean up their acts; 16 percent of PepsiCo. employees are currently working with a diet and exercise coach, reports

While helping employees shape up may seem like huge undertaking, employers simply can't afford the alternative of succumbing to high health-care costs."

While these program might have some success, I think that the amount of success is limited by the culture at the companies. My company gets together and does walks every once and awhile and they have started offering women's workout classes in a part of the brand new expansionn.

Which I think the athletic culture of the company is also limited by the infrastructure of the company. If my company had a place to shower, I would ride a bicycle into work (I live about 10 miles away from work.), but since they do not I will drive for the forseeable future.

Encouragingg employees to eat right is a good start, encouragingg employees to exercise is better, but facilitatingg employees workouts by providing infrastructuree would seem to be the best bet in a long term plan.



Sandcastle said...

A soda company discovering that they have fat workers is like a strip club discovering they have slutty workers. It can't be avoided.

Cubicle said...

good point