Sunday, June 12, 2005

Movie night

Not a movie, a song: Ivan Lenin - Another Scar on My Wrist
Very funny, though it is not very clean.

California Car Chase - Short but sweet, I forget what happened to the driver. I think he made it out alive.

Sword Play - some dumb ass was treating a modern day sword like it was the real thing. (I had to play it twice, the first time it loaded a bit slow and I could not understand what they were saying.)

Koran Abuse 1
Koran Abuse 2
Koran Abuse 3
Koran Abuse 4

To stop that abuse please email me your address so I can send you are rescued Koran in the mail.

Update: I forgot this one.

Police tazer woman - Do what they police say, because they can taze you just for fun.



Chris Byrne said...

Hey Man, I have no proble with the linkies, in fact I encorage it, but it's only polite to link to the main post, and/or the main page.

Cubicle said...

email sent