Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Zach and Love In Action Update

Latest news in the TN investigation into Zach's plight of being in a school, that is trying to make him ungay.

Source:"Tennessee officials closed an investigation into a so-called ex-gay ministry because of a lack of evidence to support child abuse allegations. But the Memphis organization that says instilling Christian beliefs can keep gays from acting on their homosexual desires continues to be the center of controversy.

I wonder what the Memphis blogsphere will do now. They got the attention of the authorities, but then the authorities told them there was nothing to see or do. The liberal section of the Memphis blogsphere might miss this news item because it was on drudge, heh.

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shalom said...

The group of us over at free zach are doing a postcard campaign to send Zach some words of support. It’s a statement in itself, because if even half the group sends a card or letter, it will be 2,000 messages flooding the Refuge camp’s mailbox. That would be hard to ignore. Spread the word.

c/o Refuge
P.O. Box 171444
Memphis, TN 38187

Cubicle said...


Zach was not born gay, or at least I have not sicentific evdience to say it that way.