Saturday, November 12, 2005

50 cent

Did you know 50 cent has his own video game?

Neither did I. He basically hunts down the people who shot him. Awesome.


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Anonymous said...

50 Cent Lyrics "Piggy Bank" changed to "50's Bank"

Yiddgy Yank, Yiddgy Yank, Take your money back from 50's bank !!!
Yiddgy Yank, Yiddgy Yank, Take your money back from 50's bank !!!

B-United atcha (I got rhino skin)
B-United atcha (take crops out your hand)
B-United atcha (Tupac ain't your friend)
B-United atcha (maken' sure 50 gets spent man)

50 ¢ don't B-H8n' B-United dawg !!!
if you had a love for life you could match me boy, (lights a match)
I get to writing congress cuz that shit's legal, (typing fx)
lil 50 should have left the saftey on after 8 mile,
ya know me the pen on paper wizard, da kind,
to slap lawsuits up your ass to stop rap related crime,
hit your breaks so hard make your rims dusty,
no matter how many times you wash your hands they still dirty,
I'm not in da hood, up on the hill lookn down from the top,
50,000 mansions, 50 billion dollars why I hear no shots?
your hearts cold, your shit's sold, 50 thought he was in da club,
while 50 Bent made 50 spend time in da tub, (
don't fuck with B-United, if you a liar,
I'll drop your ass like David did Golith,
yeah homie worldwide people dis your vocal,
you don't run New York, shit dawg your wacked on coca,
sex sells, violence sells, so your rap sells,
but it made you cocky as hell, so we pop off and yell
like an attack on us is a green light for the FCC to run on 50
and take his shank,
and 50 million dollars out his piggy bank, (pig snorts & laughing)
send G-Unit to room 103, get the doctory to scrub for surgery,
its an emergency, Olivia said my fist would make her milkshake,
but I pulled the fire alarm just as that bitch sucked up my whole arm, (laughing)
you know we're da YAY out in Cali,
when you come out west, your shit gets ignored,
the first thing they say about you is you a C B 4,
I win every game of chess,
never wait till the next move to give it all you got (boxing sound fx)

yeah yeah take 50's money back From 50's Bank (repeat)

Yiddgy Yank, Yiggdy Yank, Take your Money back from 50's Bank !!!
Yiddgy Yank, Yiggdy Yank, Take your Money back from 50's Bank !!!

heehahaha you gotta do something now
(many people laughing) come on man everybody is listening to this shit
Don't let B-United do ya like that (Bass Warning!! boxing fx cont.)
damn Rep your Hood ( out da 408 SharkBoxer ©)
you a gangsta right? haeah

G-Note get the I.M.F. on the phone we just hacked into 50's account
and yayo & young buck, olivia got more cash than all those muther fuckers,
send that shit to switzerland bitch">MYSPACE.COM/BUNITED
"radio version" its a free download and 100% royalty FREE

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"how to rob 50 extended intro" gunshott scene was omitted from myspace player due a fan request