Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Get your gun

There is this news reporter in Memphis that created a series on getting your CCW. A how to if you will. A very favorably report to the gun community.

Start here.

The first video, failed to mention that it takes a little while for the entire process. Getting my permit (from the class till it was in my hand) took a couple months or at least one month. It also failed to provide links.

For the second video, I saw some safety violations from the shooter, though it was a good primer for getting a gun. I also heard some phrases I did not understand - "point-on-point vs 3-point sighting". Odd.

Third video, "you must get a safe for when you are not carrying the gun" or so Andy wise says. I don't have a safe. Mainly because I don't have kids and I live by myself. I always either have the gun in my truck , on my body, or on the night stand. I could get a car safe, but I like the idea of quick access regardless of weather I am in my car or not. I guess I could get it stolen, but then again I could also be attacked on the way to my car and need quick access to my gun.

Uhmmmm...stratch the last statement...You have to watch that third video. Wow.

I guess my other response to getting a safe would be, it costs as much as several guns.

Fourth Video, any wise is a better shoot than me...grrrrr. Also, excellent quick review on the use of deadly force. It was quick, but not complete.

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Lady Arden said...

I'm glad you don't keep the gun under your pillow or mattress. That could be bad. Do you always keep it unloaded?

I never did post that picture on my blog of my first rabbit hunt. I actually shot a rabbit in the head! I really enjoyed shooting the guns, but unexpectedly the loud noises scared me. (Mostly shotguns not handguns.) Flinching is bad when you're holding weapons. Oh, and gunshots really sound louder when echoing through the cab of a pick-up.
(Ps. Thanks for the teachef vote!)

Cubicle said...

"Do you always keep it unloaded?"

The only time when it is unloaded is when I am changing mags at the range, going from the range to my car, cleaning the gun, dry firing, or showing it to someone who is intrested.

In all other cases, it is loaded. In the truck, by the bed, or in my waistband it stays loaded.