Sunday, November 06, 2005

Been doing some research

I have been wanting to get involved in some competition shooting. Nothing fancy and nothing that would require me to purchase additional gear or upgrade my (mostly production) gun. My starting off point was this post by texican tattler. I think it gave a good overview of the different options without me having to read the different rule books.

I then looked at my local options and found out that the local IDPA matches are on Saturday and the local USPSA is on Sundays. That ended up sealing it for me, since Sundays are a day of worship. (Though there are USPSA events on saturday within a reasonable driving range, I don't want to leave town.)

So i read he IDPA rule book. The seem uptight on the rules, though in some cases I agree (safety first), though in other cases, it seemed to limit what the course designer could do with the shooting course.

I must take care of several things before i enter into the world of competition shooting. First, i am going to get some trianing in the basics. I will aquire as much training as i feel neccsary for me to feel mostly comfortable to go shoot in a competition. For me to train, I am going to need some basic gear which i don't have. I will need a better holster and magazine carriers\pouches. It probably will take a few months before i get around to doing these things, because I am going to prepare for the upcoming flu pandemic before I aquire the tools for trianing.


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