Thursday, November 17, 2005

Death of the Year

As 2005 winds down, we can again expect all kinds of lists for the best and worst and most significant almost anything of the year. So this is mine. Whose death was the world's biggest loss? I pick Hunter S Thompson. I miss him a lot. Especially for a person that I didn't know. I loved the imminent sense of doom in his writing. He always gave me the feeling that the powers of evil and greed were about to crush everything that was decent and right in the world at any moment. It was inspiring and motivational. I haven't ever read anything else that gave me that feeling. Not even Burroughs. And being shot out of a cannon instead of being left to rot in the ground after you die has to be a mark of greatness. Does anyone have any competitors for this year's honor or any special mentions?


Michael C said...

I would have to say either Pop John Paul II or Johnny Cash.

Lady Arden said...

Rosa Parks. I never knew she was still alive, but now she's not and she definately didn't waste her life.

Sandcastle said...

That was the problem with Rosa Parks. She did one hugely significant thing and then faded from sight. Thompson and Cash were producing right up until the end. Cash's American Recordings series are some of his best stuff. As for the Pope, I am not religious, and I am not sure that he accomplished much besides being named as the Pope. I don't think he was ridded the world of much evil.