Friday, November 11, 2005

I am part of a social experiment

My company has been doing some weird stuff lately. First, Monday was a causal day. Though, it cost money (a five dollar donation to help a person who has lost a son, niece, and has gotten cancer all within the last year.) Then they announced that Tuesday was also a causal day. After that, they announced that Wednesday was also a causal day and then (you guessed it) they announced that Thursday was also a causal day.

Not that I am complaining, though I have been wearing the same pair of jeans all week. (Note: Monday I forgot it was a causal day, how I am supposed to remember stuff like that over the weekend). My wardrobe is designed around the clothes that I wear most. Work clothes (basic business causal), casual, and work out. I have three pairs of comfortable jeans, that is only enough to wear for six causal days (I normally only wear clothes twice, then I consider them dirty, except white tee shirts those are dirty with one wear.)

Why are they screwing with me? I figure they are attempting to see what happens when they go to a causal setting. Productivity may increase? I doubt it, mainly because I have been trained to wear only causal days on Fridays. If you make another day a casual day (other than Friday), I think everyone is going to respond as they were trained, to do nothing because it is a Friday.

An alternate theory of mine, is that one of the bigwigs wife left him. No wife, no laundry, and casual day for me, though this theory was dismissed by coworkers.


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