Thursday, November 10, 2005

FedEx Forum

Last night I had the privilege of seeing the Memphis Grizzles absolutely kill the Seattle Sonics in the best basketball stadium in the entire world.  I base that statement on the fact that it is the newest that I know of in America and America is going to have the best basketball stadiums in the world. 
I had nice seats, they were comfortable but not all that close to the game.  The seats were much like uncomfortable car seats, which needless to say those seats were more comfortable than regular stadium seats.   I was fairly high in the second tier.  I could have ordered food from my seat. Waitresses came by with wireless ordering devices, to record my order.  I did not, mainly because I wanted to get up and walk around a little bit to look at the stadium.
One other thing I noticed was that there was an incredible amount of advertisements.  On each of the two tiers above the floor there was a thin ribbon billboard that wrapped around the entire stadium.  To find the scores from the rest of the NBA games you had to sort through the many different billboards, advertisements associated with the billboards, and the noise to find what you were looking for.  Movement was always happening on the two ribbon advertisements, the center screen, the two screens on each side of the center screen, rotating billboards on the floor, the players, camera men, cheerleaders, etc., etc.
Overall, I would rather watch the game on TV.

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