Friday, November 11, 2005

Your logic lacks...logic

I am sure I am not the only one to see the giant, inescapable hole in the logic of the teachers who are on strike in Oregon

Source:" In Sandy's 4,200-student Oregon Trail District, where the strike is in its third week, teachers are afraid they will be replaced, transferred or otherwise penalized if they, their students or their schools fail to measure up under the law, which sets stringent new standards for performance. "

You know the best way to fail at something is to not even attempt it. That is what is happening here. They are afraid of the consequences of their actions if they fail. They are guaranteed to fail at teaching the kids, if they don't, you know, teach the kids.

Secondly, there is not jack they can do about NCLB. It is a federal issue, the state can do nothing about it. They may get their other demands, but the schools system will only lose money if it fails to follow the guidelines of NCLB. If the schools system loses federal money, they either have to cut costs or raise local taxes, neither of those are good options for the teachers.



Lady Arden said...

Atleast they aren't setting fire to the schools. That seems to be the popular thing to do worldwide atm to protest. In South Africa to protest the poor services of trains they have twice set fire to traincars.. suspending service entirely. And France, don't even get me started on France...

Cubicle said...

what about the grad students at NYU, they want contracts.

Lady Arden said...

NYS students are pansies.. They're student employees not fully qualified wage-earners. My grad school has never offered health care -and in our department students mess with noxious chemicals every day. Benefits packages are not a right, they're a job bonus and these are still students. Hope they don't set fire to NY and start rioting.

Cubicle said...

"Hope they don't set fire to NY and start rioting."

I would have to disagree. I hope they do that would be cool to see who fast it ended.