Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The trailers I have seen on Jarhead, the new movie with Jake Gyllenhaal, look promising. I have high hopes for this movie, even while having severe fears about the political cheap shots they will take. The movie is based off of a book written by a marine sniper, which is his account of his time in the first Iraq war. BTW Jake was in Moonlight Mile, which I thought was a good movie, though I had never head of it until I rented it. Jarhead also has Peter Sarsgaard, another one of my favorite actors.

I am hoping that they have some good training scenes, war room scenes, and some awesome action. I personally think this movie is going to be better than Blackhawk down, the last, best war movie I can think of. I doubt it will be better than the Band of Brothers series that aired on HBO (but then again, I cannot name one war movie that I thought was better than Band of Brothers).

BTW Sandcastle, Band of bothers is really cool you should buy that and watch it.


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Michael C said...

We were just talking about BOB the other day. My favorite scene is from the Buldge where Sgt Spivey (I think that was his name) runs across an open field through the German ranks, delivers a message to US forces and then runs back through again to get back to where he started.

By far the best war series.