Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why France is at a tactical disadvantage

"Residents gathered at the school gate demanded that the army be deployed or suggested that citizens band together to protect their neighborhoods. Mayor Alain Outreman tried to cool tempers.

"We are not going to start militias," he said. "You would have to be everywhere.""

Failure to fight, is how I would sum that up. No, you could not protect everywhere if you started a militia, but you could protect were you are. Secondly, by protecting where you are you will force the riots to occur in other areas where you are not, while that may seem obvious, I am not so sure the French, understand that. Also, you take quite a load off the already overburdened police by protecting your own areas and allowing them to go on the offensive.

From what I have read it is "relativity easy" to get a hold of black powder pistols, you know register with the government, register with your sporting club, then have you license stamped at least twice a month at your sporting club to prove that you actually are a sportsman.

""They are very mobile, in cars or scooters. ... It is quite hard to combat" he said. "Most are young, very young, we have even seen young minors.""

Can they run faster than bullets?

"Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin denied that police were to blame. The director of the Great Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, who met Saturday with Villepin, urged the government to choose its words carefully and send a message of peace.

"In such difficult circumstances, every word counts," Boubakeur said. "

Maybe you should stage a rally where everyone talks about how the riots make them feel. I will start. The riots make be feel bad, because they could have been stopped if only the government would take responsibility and stop the violence.


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