Wednesday, November 02, 2005


This year I actually put forth some effort on my costume (I rented one.) I am the guy on the right. I choose this pic, because I had only three faces to blur out and I wanted you to see the guy who dressed up as Jack Sparrow (the dude in the middle).

Here is a guy who made his darth vader costume.

Here is some pirate grog (it had dry ice in it to make it fog.)

NOTE: This was at work, the grog had some rum in it, and my entire group dressed as pirates (not pictured here), and we won best group. While Jack Sparrow won best male.



Logic said...

Technically you are the guy on the left if you are looking AT the picture, because I'm the guy on the right. You would however, be the guy on the right if you are standing IN the picture and I would be the guy on the left. The middle guy is still the middle either way you look at it.

Lady Arden said...

V dressed as Jack Sparrow too -only he made his costume. Maybe I'm a bit biased, but I think V looked better than the office winner.

I might also be biased because with V's personality and loud voice, just imagine him running into restaurants and holding customers at the tip of his sword threatening them. It was more than a sight. :)

Anyhow, glad your piratae theme won though (and the punch looked good too). I'll try and post the pics soon on my blog for some entertainment (which has a link back to your blog)

Cubicle said...

you really have to get close to see the good job done on this costume.

Sparrow had eyeliner on and his hair looked like Jacks.

I had to block out he face, but that was the best part.

Lady Arden said...

He does look good, even with the face blacked out. I'm probably just biased, seeing as how I took V to a bead store where he strung the beads for his hair, then to the cloth store where the little old women from our church taught us how to sew as we made our own sashes, and he made his shirt by cutting off cuffs and neck from a plain white long sleeved t-shirt and hand stiched lace cuffs on and sleeve and neck laceing.

Ps. I admired you going to the effort of dying your beard. In the end it's the fun of those extra details that are most memorable. (Sorry about your bathroom counter tho.)