Saturday, November 12, 2005

Those chicks really dig that tea

Check the history here and here.

For the ladies:

Link to Adagio Homepage

Link to Black Page
Black Tea

Link to Flavored Page
Flavors Tea

Link to Oolong Page
Oolong Tea

Link to White Page
White Tea

Link to Green Page
Green Tea

Link to Herbal Page
Herbal Tea

Link to Rooibos Page
Rooibos Tea

Link to Decaf Page
Decaf Tea

Link to Teaware Page
Tea Pot

In this case the juice is worth the squeeze.


1 comment:

Lady Arden said...

I'm linked to on another blog -yea! BTW, when am I invited up to try your new teas?

Enjoy! THese are going to taste even better now that it's freakin cold outside.