Thursday, November 04, 2004

Election Round Up

Most everyone is calling it for Bush. Many people in the blogsphere, and several of the media outlets, though there are some hold outs.

first off I would like to say that I was wrong.

I projected that bush would get 52 percent of the popular vote and Kerry only 48. In my haste I forgot to include Nader. I am deeply sorry that I misled you, and that my predictions where one percent off. I promise to try harder, and be more accurate in the future.

Secondly, I was wrong again on the electoral college. I missed Iowa and Wisconsin. For that I apologize. A 0.031598513011152416356877323420074 percent error rate is unacceptable. I have failed my readers, American, and my left testicle.

UPDATE: I misread Wisconsin. I had that one correct. The only state that i missed was Iowa. that makes my error rate in the electoral college perdiction .013. This is better than any other perdictions that i saw, but it is not perfect by any means. I am sorry i failed you.

I am again torn between not wanting Kerry to drag America through an election scandal, but that is countered by my desire not to hear democrats complain about not all the votes being counted for the next four years.

I am with Of the mind. Count them if it does matter, count them if it does not, and count them for the entire next week. We are America and we must set an example for the world. This is how you handle close elections, with poise, calmness, and precision.

Kerry also has a role in setting an example for the rest of the world, he cannot be a sore loser. He must concede, and concede with a certain amount of finality. If he does not, the new democratic countries that we have created might get the idea that it is normal to contest elections, and that it is ok, normal, and emotional healthy to get angry when you do not get you way. If Kerry pushes this he will damage America, his party, and tarnish the democratic process for the entire world. It is time for America to lead, and lead Kerry must.


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Michael said...

Now come on cube, don't put yourself down. You were close, and that counts in horseshoe and hand grenades and of course nuclear weapons.