Wednesday, November 03, 2004

live blogging

well it is 10:07

New hampshire, heh heh.

above 90 percent in florida and bush is ahead by 5 percent. Florida looks like it is going to bush, but as the The agitator said thier are a lot of ballots left to count even after tonight.

Fox is saying that the ACLU has sued jeb, and they want to extend the absentee ballot counting, which it would be extended to November 12 if the ACLU wins. There are a lot of absentee ballots out there.

update: 10: 12

Bush 197
Kerry 144

update 10:37

Fox says some of the most heavy GOP districs in Ohio have not reported yet.

64 percent precints reporting bush up by four percentage points in Ohio

update 10:37

%Reporting Bush Cheney(REP) Kerry Edwards(DEM)
93.8% 51.8% 47.4%

update 10:48

Precincts Reporting: 63.04%
Bush, George W. Republican 1,829,594 52.08%
Kerry, John F. Democratic 1,660,527 47.27%

update: 10: 57

Daschle is going down, down, down

update: 11:24

provinsonal ballots, a couple hundred thousand in ohio, could make a difference.

update 11:47

Fox has called ohio for bush.

bush has 266 according to fox. worse case bush ties. No way kerry can get the presdency.

update 11:52

it has been five mins since fox called it for bush.

and la times still have not updated their website.

drudge is still have not give ohio to bush, the stupid msm.

update 11:58

Ok fox is not setting up their call for bush, explaining the auto recount.

Bush still has a shot of catching MI, MN, NM, WI, and IA. If bush catches half of those, this will be the frist un contested presdential election of this centruy.

a Concession will be given tonight by Kerry.

at 11: 58

drudge calls it for bush.

update: 12:01

the la tims still has not called it for bush.

Fox at the Bush HQ, setting up the win.

update: 12:04

bush has 269, and all the other networks have that also

update: 12:14
thune ahead in south dakota, but it is close

update 12:15

recount in folordia, it has to be closer than .05 percent.

WI it is close

update: 12: 17

La times still not giving it to bush.

update 12:19

IOWA bush is ahead by a few hundred votes with 90 percent reporting.

update 12:23

CNN still has not called ohio for bush, but NBC has

update 12:27
fox is toying with me, they have not called New mexico yet. They are talking to some guy from OHIO. they are still talking about provinsional ballots. they could still be counted

update 12:29
kerry disputing Ohio.

kerry would have to win all outstanding ballots, that is a load of crap. He will not give his consession speech, he will shoot himself.


ohio provisinoal ballots, 70 percent of people in ohio used old fashioned punch cards

oh no


centering in on ohio. Kerry will have to scrape together enough votes from several different souces, not likly.

He had better concede, or i will be mad


fox has not called New mexico, this will be my last post. I am calling it for bush, it might be 11 days until we know for sure, but i think he has it.


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