Saturday, November 06, 2004

Remember when i told you fat people were a problem for airlines

Well in truth, i did not tell you that. I just mentioned that and assumed you agreed.

"4. You could make discrimination based on BMI (Body Mass Index) legal. This would allow planes, trains,and public transportation to charge the truly fat peoples more. It would also allow health insurance to charge the fat more also. BMI can be calculated very exactly using other tools besides height and weight. This would only be fair, because if you have large amounts of muscle and small amounts of body fat, you BMI would still be high. (same amount of government)"

Big bottoms crushing airlines' bottom lines

Heavy suitcases aren't alone in weighing down airplanes and requiring them to burn more fuel, raising flight costs. A new government study reveals that airlines increasingly have to worry more about passengers' weight.

American's growing waistlines are hurting the bottom lines of airlines as extra pounds on passengers cause a drag on planes.

I just took nine months for the world the catch up. Well actually heavy suitcases are part of the problem, thin people's clothes weight less. As do short people's clothes.


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