Tuesday, November 02, 2004


My original prediction was here, but I think that is wrong.
My new prediction is

Bush will get 52 percent of the vote
Kerry will get 48 percent of the vote.

Electoral College
Bush 279
Kerry 259

Remember I told you so.

state by state breakdown

NV to bush
HI to Kerry
OH and FL to bush
PA and NH to Kerry

OH is a lock for bush. They were ranked number on in welfare reform for the entire US. Also there is an a marriage amendment on the ballot, and if we know our conservative Christians, the only think they hate more than Arabs are homosexuals.



Sojourner said...

So this makes you either a pessimistic Democrat or an optimistic Republican. I'm going to take a wild guess and say the first.

Cubicle said...

actually i am fairly far to the right.

I stop just short of being a libertian.

I think the war in Iraq was a good idea, and do not mind social security numbers.