Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Predictions which have come true

In response to this question here.

So, really....
....Can you think of a good potential candidate on either side for 2008?

I said (spelling errors and all):

Their is this govnor from TN, he is demorcratic (i typically am warry of those fellas), but I like him so far.

Gov. Bredesen, he acts more like a conservitive, so far. Fiscal responsiblity, and a socially leaning left (sounds like most of america to me).

That is the one name i am suggesting for the dems in 08.

You read it hear frist.

cube Posted by: cube at November 9, 2004 10:11 AM

And on Say Uncle i read this:

The New Republic ranked Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen a top prospect for Democratic presidential nominee in 2008.

This is why you should read everything i write and frequent any blog that i might happen to leave a gem of knowledge and insight at.



Gib said...

He may be a solid general election candidate (and who knows, maybe even a good President), but does someone like Bresden really have a shot at winning a Democratic primary where the voters are the ones posting apologies at sorryeverybody.com?

Cubicle said...

good point.

but John Kerry won the primary partly because people thought he was electable, so there is historical precdent for electablity being a factor in the liberals voting criteria.

I guess that is what being smarter than everyone else gives you the ablity to do - out think the election system.