Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Recent Class

I recently took my CCW (conceal and carry weapon) class. For this task I received a certificate which allows me to apply for my CCW license, once I apply I will be fingerprinted at a separate location by a third party that this task was outsourced to. Once I have completed all of these tasks, I should received my CCW license in the mail, if I pass the background check.

This entire process feels like a runner quest in everquest.

For the enjoyment of all, I took some notes, not on the class, but on the people attending the class.

This class was all men, which the instructor said was unusual. Just a few weeks before she had an entire class with all women and one guy.

Our instructor's name was Candace, and she was the cutest instructor that I could have imagined having for this type of class. She was ex law enforcement with a nice southern drawl and she was married. Her gun which she used for demonstrations was a H&K .45 compact. A very nice gun.

In our class....

...There was once back guy who worked in security and knew about as much as I did about guns, he wore black leather boots and a black leather hat with a saved head. I thought he was in a motorcycle gang until I talked to him more.

He rented a gun, I think it was a colt .40 Cal.

...There was an old white guy who had given all of his guns to his son, and realized that he did not have any for himself, so he went and bought a colt and was going ahead with the class just to finish the cycle. He has spent some time in the military sometime after WWII from what I could tell, he might have even fought in WWII but I do not think he was that old.

I do not know what he shot.

...There was a older regular white guy with a family, he had a mature outlook on guns and had even had the chance to use his gun in a defensive manner one time.

The older regular white guy was sitting at home in his recliner, and his child screamed. He looked out the window into his yard. A couple big guys where beating down one other fella. It just happened to be the beatee's lucky day. The older regular white guy jumped up and got his gun, and went out the door. As the older regular short white guy approached the maul with his gun showing, but pointed down. He calmly called out and asked the beaters to get off the beatee. One of the beaters looked up, quickly tapped his friend on the back and both backed off. They then turned and fled. The regular short white guy then asked the beatee to get off of his property. Soon after this after the regular white guy had entered back into his home, the police arrived at the beckoning of his neighbors who saw someone with a gun. The police questioned him, and then promptly realized they had wasted their time.

He shot a colt defender.

...There was a regular white guy around my age. He was a hunter and I school to become an airplane mechanic.

He shot a Ruger 9mm.

...Their was a really fat guy, who sat with his hands down the front of his pants, that was slightly disturbing, and I did not talk to him.

He rented a .40 Cal glock and shot it.

...There was a fire fighter who I think was in the military. He was about my age. He was afraid of getting seriously hurt in the class because he thought many of the others had no idea what they were doing, or how to shoot a gun. The gun gods must have smiled on him this day, because to my knowledge he walked out fine.

He had borrowed a friends USP tactical, i tried not to drool when i held it.

...There was the token dumbass. He knew the fire fighter, and they were joking around some and having a good time. While the token dumbass was taking the shooting part of the class, the fire fighter told us to look at the right eyebrow of the token dumbass. He said that the token dumbass was shooting his gun. The dumbass pulled the trigger and nothing happened, he then proceeded to bring the gun up to his face to examine it. As the gun was close to his face and with him looking down the sights with the gun pointing downrange, the gun discharged. It was a slowfire. As the slide extended backward to cock the gun, it hit the token dumbass in the eyebrow.

He shot a sig.

And That was our class.


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