Thursday, November 11, 2004


I am fascinated with the problems the Dutch people are facing. They have made a great socialist society, from what I can tell. They really should be commended for that, if you see that as an accomplishment. The recent death of an icon for them has waken them from a deep sleep, it seems.

People everywhere have great ideas on how to solve the different issues facing the Dutch people. Here is a gem of an idea, "Jan Colijn, 46, a bookkeeper from the central Dutch town of Gorinchem who was at the funeral Tuesday night, complained that the Netherlands' generous social welfare system had allowed Muslim immigrants to isolate themselves. Because of that, "there is a kind of Muslim fascism emerging here," he said. "The government must find a way to break these communities open."

The government has caused this problem, and now the government should fix the problem. I suspect that ideas like these will put the Dutch well ahead of most other countries sometime in the next decade.


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