Wednesday, November 17, 2004


This week I training on a third party software product which my company has purchased to scan bills (or image bills) using OCR (optical character recognition) to read data from freight bills.

The company that we are using is TIS (Tops Imaging systems), they are based in Israel and have many clients world wide, so far their product seems really good. They designed a environment which looks a lot like your standard Microsoft visual programming environment. It is little buggy but does it job well enough.

About two weeks ago in our weekly meeting, my boss asked for volunteers, without telling us what we were volunteering for. No one raised their hands, he then asked me to raise my hand, I brought it up halfway very slowly. He then appointed me as the resident expert in the imaging software we bought.

If the process fails, it will not be my fault because I did not design it, but it will not make me look good either. The main problem is the time frame that was given to the company, but outside of that I think the implementation will do fine. It will be late, but that will be what they get for setting a deadline without consulting the resident expert in the imaging software.

Another intersecting thing, is the teacher of the class. He is a line-of-David-Jew. I always thought Jews were supposed to be short, but this guy is around 6'1".



Sojourner said...

Yeah but I used to think the same thing about asians [that they're short] then I saw that basketball player Yao Ming.

Cubicle said...

hmm, most of them are.

or at least their muscle structure is different.

for example, the chinese runner who won the gold medal in the hurrdles, did not look like a professional althelete compared to the black guys beside him, but he sill won.

it was intresting to see the difference in teh build