Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This weekend

This weekend I went camping with several long time friends and some friends from church. Friday night we sat around the fire, talked, joked, and had fun.

Saturday morning I had the privilege of shooting two different guns: A Sig 9mm and a Kimber 45.

I could not control the .45 worth anything. It jumped around a lot, and it felt like I was wildly off every time I shot. The 9mm was nice, sharp, and clean. The particular model I was shooting was a little small for my hands. The trigger was not what I expected. It was loose at first. When I felt resistance it was sharp and short. For any gun knowageable readers, is that normal for sig and/or preferable in general.

Since I am also looking to get my CCW, I decided to go to a local gun store and see what they had to offer. This gun store, Guns and Ammo in Memphis, had more hand guns than I have ever see before. They had a little bit of everything. Off in the corner away from all the guns, separate and apart as I like to say, were the HK's. They were very expensive. I was able to talk to a guy about the glocks and ask some questions. He almost sold me on buying a glock, because of Glock's popularity you can always find holsters and accessories.

I personally have never shot a glock, but you can rent them from a local gun range. I decided I should do that next. I went to the local gun range and shot a Glock 17, a 9mm. The gun I shot had the extended magazine, 17 rounds!!! If glocks had a normal safety I probably would not have a problem buying one, but I have a hard time getting over the lack of a safety. The trigger was what I expect from a gun. I asked the guy at the range desk, if he could field strip it for me. He showed me how, and pointed out a few things to me. I thought I saw rust on some of the parts , but I am not sure about that.

I am still looking around at different guns, studying, and trying to shoot as many different ones as I can. I am probably going to take the CCW class, and then buy a pistol after the class. I am open to suggestions or ideas.


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